Paige Steadman


Teaching: Improv, Shakespeare, Music, and more!                                          (teaching resume below)

In addition to teaching voice lessons, Paige enjoys teaching theatre camps and classes to children, teens, and adults.  Whether she's teaching improv games or basic stagecraft, she believes that learning theatre techniques will also help people in life: with communication, empathy, awareness, team-work, and problem-solving.

[Adult actors in an anti-bullying, pro-friendship play for children.  

On the left: Kachiri Ransom. 

On the right: Paige Steadman.]

Theatrical Teaching Experience

The Academy Theatre: 2010-current

-Taught two children’s improv camps at the Hapeville Recreation Center, one ages 5-8 (with one 4-year-old) and one ages 9-12

-taught two one-week long create-a-play camps for high-risk students; one week for rising 4th graders, one week for rising 5th graders

-Helped teach improv to OLLIE continuing education students at Emory University; filled in for instructor when he had conflicts

-Helped teach improv at Camp Sunshine to children with cancer

-Directed both professional and non-professional actors in plays

-Choreographed stage combat (teaching actors safe and convincing fight choreography)

-Intern Coordinator: often teaching communication skills, lightboard tricks, onstage and backstage techniques, and a few general life hacks

The Good Studio: 2015-current

-Taught ages 6-12 in several one-week camps; several campers returned each week

-Camp themes: improv, fairy tales, poetry, folk tales, 4th of July patriotism, musical theatre, superheroes

-help teach Improv classes to teens and adults, sometimes fill in for instructor Robert Drake

The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company: 2012-current

-musical directing and teaching self-proclaimed “non-singers” to sing

-directing and coaching vocal emoting as well as articulation

Onion Man Productions: 2016-2018

-taught Theatre for Youth camp (grades 4-12th) including theatre basics, scenework, shakespeare, playwriting, stage combat, and more

-taught Improv camp (grades 4-8th)

-Improv Coordinator, leading the Onion Heads improvisation group and teaching improv to actors with varying levels of experience (some to none)

-Taught safe falls and choreographed stage combat for plays such as Fallout and Stage Kiss

Offshoot Productions: 2000*-2009

-Taught and co-taught adults’ and children’s workshops and classes on Story Theatre

-Taught movement and voice workshops

-Taught workshops on audience-interactive improvisation

-Co-taught improv classes and workshops

-Co-taught creating-a-play camps

-Helped teach classes on Shakespeare’s language (some classes with Laura Cole, some with Dr. Susan Steadman)

-Taught apprentices to use power tools, run lights, and stay quiet backstage!


-teach voice lessons and beginner piano

-Gwinnett County Middle School Drama Association Conference: taught and co-taught improv several years

-Professor Robbins at Gordon College had me fill in for him teaching improv to his after-school elementary school class on several occasions during my freshman year

-taught penny whistle and recorder to actors who needed it for shows

*Officially, Paige graduated from her Offshoot Apprenticeship in 2000.  However, she taught segments of classes and workshops years prior to that, and she started assistant teaching around 1994.